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OTBC is a statistical database of Norwich City Football Club.
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Site History

11/05/2008 Database last updated.
26/02/2008 Added Google Talk chat facility.
06/02/2008 Added all matches from 1990/1991 season onwards.
06/02/2008 Renamed links page to references.asp.
19/06/2007 Added Player Profiles from 2005/2006 Handbook.
20/04/2007 Updated Player Profiles with additional data.
29/03/2007 Added favourites icon.
29/01/2007 Added Player Search.
25/01/2007 Added links to Player Profiles from Match Details page.
15/09/2006 Added date picker to On This Day page.
01/09/2006 OTBC site first published.
14/07/2006 www.otbc.co.uk domain acquired.